Plataforma Fluorescente

Nayla Pose


Nayla Pose (Buenos Aires, 1974). Actress, teacher and director. Since 2007, he has directed El BRIO Teatro, a theater training, training and research space. As an actress, she has worked under the direction of outstanding directors from the local and international scene. He has directed “La Pasión según Teresa von Hauptbanhof” (Cervantes National Theater / Ciclo Nuestro Teatro) Hedda, “La Bestia invisible” and “Yo As”, the last three are also his own, the product of research with the performers. Previously, he directed “La Venus de las Piles” and “Nuestros padres” in a duo with Claudio Quinteros. She has served on numerous occasions as director at Teatro X la Identidad and as director-facilitator at the 2022 Performance Biennial I am your performer by Iván Haidar. Since 2002 he has been continuously dedicated to teaching. He also ventures into the area of directing interpreters in cinema and advertising. She also works as a co-producer of works at EL BRIO Teatro and as a jury in public and private sphere.