Plataforma Fluorescente

Paco Fernández Onnainty

interdisciplinary artist

Paco Fernández Onnainty (Vicente López, 1971). Artist, Bachelor of Arts (Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, UBA). He attended the art clinics of Margarita García Faure and Ernesto Ballesteros, and the workshops of Rubén Szuchmacher, Alberto Goldenstein, Silvia Gurfein, Valeria González. He participated in the 1st Drawing Biennial of the Museo Franklin Rawson (San Juan), made the video installation and exhibition of drawings Ahora el sol entra por la ventana. Dogs at the C.C.R. Rojas, participated in Maurizio Cattelan’s Eternity at Art Basel Cities Buenos Aires. He wrote the book Onnainty with Ezequiel Alemian, Editorial Iván Rosado. In theatre he worked as producer and assistant director for Andrea Garrote, Rafael Spregelburd, Piel de Lava, Matías Feldman, among others. He acted in Spregelburd’s Bizarra and Elisa Carricajo’s Agreste. He performed in the stage spaces of 2040, by Elisa Carricajo; Pedazos, by Irene Goldszer; and the performative concert FeLiPa with Liza Casullo and Federico Joselevich. His work as an actor in film includes: Billy Boy by Sacha Amaral (Bafici, Cannes Festival) and La flor, by Mariano Llinás (Bafici).