Plataforma Fluorescente


Composer, sound designer

Zypce (Buenos Aires, 1973); composer, musician, alternative instrument builder, sound technician/designer and tango singer. He has made original compositions for theatre, audiovisual, dance and gaming works in Argentina and abroad (Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, USA). His work in composition is related to staging and sound dramaturgy, with the inclusion of elements that become sound regardless of their functionality or direct reference: discarded material, strings from tensioned electric tools, alternative percussion, everyday objects, etc. Distinctions for “Apátrida, doscientos años y unos meses” (Spregelburd/Zypce): ACE Awards 2012: Best Original Music. Argentores Award: Best Musical Play. Teatro del Mundo Awards / Spectator Awards Awards for “SPAM” 2013/2014: Award for Musical Creation and Interpretation; Teatro del Mundo.