Plataforma Fluorescente

Mercedes Peón


Composer, vocalist and instrumentalist of cultural self-esteem.
At the age of 13, she listened to contemporary village women sing and play.
She began an intense collection over 25 years, and above all, a deconstruction of her beliefs. Her discography includes the productions Isúe (2000), Ajrú (2004), Sihá (2007), SÓS (2011), Deixaas (2018). He premiered the stage pieces “Osmose”, a hybrid audiovisual and performance piece-essay, which articulates a critical account of the effects of capitalism on our lives. He has composed soundtracks, such as Nación by Margarita Ledo Andión and El cuerpo abierto by Ángeles Huerta, among others, and has collaborated in contemporary dance, such as Mercedes mais eu with Janet Novás.
She has won the National Music Award, MacCallan Award, Artist of the Year for Folkworld, Songlines top of the world, among others. His outstanding performances include The Elebash Hall at the Graduate Center at CUNY in NY City, the SZIGHET in Budapest, El Grec 2022.