Plataforma Fluorescente

          Plataforma Fluorescente is a transdisciplinary program that promotes the collaboration between institutions and creators from different backgrounds and geographies, encouraging them to surpass the fronteers of idiomatic and artistic languages and build new creation frameworks.

          The frontier, (symbolic territory where we stand), lets us cross disciplines, connect different landscapes, transcend physical or virtual limits and get closer to other ways of producing, making and feeling.

          As a physic-virtual global institution, we dynamize our practices by commissioning original projects that encourage the dialogue between artists, thinkers, curators and activists looking forward to boosting pieces-projects-experiencies within the arts field.

          We have worked in close collaboration with more than fifty cultural organizations, international, gubernamental, non gubernamental, private and independent institutions, generating joint projects and its ways of production, financing and circulation.

          Since 2014, more than 400 creators have joined us, deepening the dialogue between countries such us Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Croatia, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Rumany, Poland, Italy, India, Lebanon, among others.


Matías Umpierrez
Direction and Curatorship

Malena Schnitzer
General Production

Joaquín Sesma
Production Coordination

Sergio Calvo
Graphic Design