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Soledad Barruti

Journalist and writer

Soledad Barruti (Buenos Aires, 1981) is a journalist and writer. She works on issues related to food and the food industry in radio and television programmes, and in different print media such as The New York Times, Revista Gatopardo, La Nación, Revista Mu and Anfibia. He also gives lectures on this subject at national and international universities, and lecture series throughout the country and abroad. His first non-fiction book, Malcomidos, cómo la industria alimentaria argentina nos está matando was published by Editorial Planeta in 2013 and immediately became a best seller, and, with more than 30 editions, continues to be read today. Her second title, Mala Leche, el supermercado como amboscada was published in December 2018, also by Planeta, with more than 15 editions in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. She is the director of the Latin American journalism network on food and territories, Bocado. She is a speaker on these issues in different spaces, forums, national and international universities. In 2021 she obtained a fellowship from the Pulitzer Center.