Plataforma Fluorescente

Parallel ———— Worlds

               This project brings together a series of theater pieces that reflect parallel worlds, perhaps possible or not, of some physical/virtual/emotional system that exists or could exist… even if it is in fiction.

               Five plays are placed on stage, saturated territories, wars in unsuspected cosmographies, duplicate realities, and an uncertain past, present or future.

               PARALLEL WORLDS promoted the commission of five pieces that were born from the dialogue between playwrights and directors who reside in different parts of the world, resulting in the following shows: EL GATO DE SCHRÖDINGER written by Santiago Sanguinetti (Uruguay) and directed by Pablo Seijo (Argentina) ; THE GHOST OF NORMALITY written by Saara Turunen (Finland) and directed by Sebastián Kalt (Argentina); TURMA written by Vedrana Klepica (Croatia) and directed by Azul Lombardía (Argentina); LO SALVAJE written by Mariana Silva Yrigoyen (Peru) and directed by Nacho Ciatti (Argentina); ABNEGACIÓN 3 written by Alexandre Dal Farra (Brazil) and directed by Lisandro Rodriguez (Argentina).

               The PARALLEL WORLDS project was presented at the III International Dramaturgy Festival in co-production with the Fluorescent Platform, INAE and the Natural Directorate of Culture

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