Plataforma Fluorescente

Dramaturgy ———— in motion

               How the movement created by a choreographer and a choreographer who compose from afar can affect the body of a performer located miles away? Can movements without bodies emigrate and immigrate?

               This project invites choreographers to design and compose pieces that will be reinterpreted by other choreographers from a distance.

               Based on this premise, two dance pieces were commissioned, presented in a shared program, which included collaborations between choreographers David Wampach (France) and Luis Biasotto (Argentina), who created the piece YO. SOY. FELIZ.; and Paula Rosolen (Germany-Argentina) and Leticia Mazur (Argentina), who created the piece AURA (OR UTOPÍA).

               DRAMATURGY IN MOTION was presented at the III International Dramaturgy Festival in co-production with the Fluorescent Platform, French Alliance (France), Goethe Institut (Germany), Recoleta Cultural Center (Argentina).

               This project was devised by the artist and curator Matías Umpierrez.

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