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           Plataforma Fluorescente presents the first edition of Temporada Fluorescente in Buenos Aires. On this occasion, the project counts on Piel de Lava, a group made up of Elisa Carricajo, Valeria Correa, Pilar Gamboa and Laura Paredes as guest curators.

Three plays from Uruguay, Brazil and Finland commissioned to Argentinean collectives and creators will be premiered in different venues of the city under the curatorial slogan El mapa de nuestro tesoro, Cartografías de supervivencia (The Map of our Treasure, Cartographies of Survival).


Freeshop, by Uruguayan author Victoria Vera and staged by BESA, and Segunda naturaleza by finnish author Pipsa Lonka, directed by Cecilia Meijide and Diego Rosental, will premiere at El Cultural San Martín. Meanwhile, En este mundo loco, en esta noche brillante, by Brazilian Silvia Gomez, directed by Nayla Pose, has its premiere at Estudio Los Vidrios.

           Three women, in three different countries, write plays where the sensation of imminent collapse clashes with the narratives with which progress, colonialism and patriarchy have carried forward the idea of the world we live in. All these texts think about how to survive, or why to survive. They open questions around that painful sensation. These narratives of the end of a certain world

appear here and there, coinciding in time and space, beyond distance. And there also emerge forms of mutual care, as an urgent and necessary resource, as a vital notion of independence and the value of recognizing oneself as part of nature and in continuity with it. These works do not give an answer, nor should they have to, but they come to show us that in the collaborative forms of survival is the action, the verb, the common language that keeps us alive in dialogue and promises, without pretending results, a possible future from which to be reborn.

           Temporada Fluorescente is a project produced by Plataforma Fluorescente and Festival Internacional de Dramaturgia, in co-production with Intendencia de Montevideo (Uruguay), Amigos de Arte, Off Produções Culturais (Brazil), T.I.N.F.O. (Finland), with the support of Centro Cultural San Martín, Estudio Los Vidrios, Mecenazgo Cultural.

Naranja Temporada Fluorescente / Fluorescent Season

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