Plataforma Fluorescente

International ———— Dramaturgy Festival

              The International Dramaturgy Festival goes further into the centre of its endeavour and reflects on its own contemporary existence.

              From a transdisciplinary perspective, we encourage dialogue among different ways of dramaturgic production, curatorial practices, theatre, dance, performance, visual arts, cinema, philosophy, music, sociology and social activism.

              We navigate through diverse local-regional-global conflicts, changing their sceneries or territories in order to resignify them, by the migration of texts, concepts, images, archives, gestures and movements.

              Since 2014, we have produces three editions of the Festival and 35 original commissioned projects that have ingaged more than fifty cultural institutions and 400 artists from Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Croatia, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Rumany, Poland, Italy, India, Lebanon and Argentina.

              Based in Buenos Aires city, Argentina, the International Dramaturgy Festival activates an intertwined frontier among various production contexts: Independent organizations, gubernamental, private, international cultural institutions and the artists that participate in each edition, with the aim of fostering new frameworks for creation.

               In its first edition in 2014, the assembly and production of ten scenic pieces were originally commissioned, and the resulting projects formulated the following collaborations:

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               AGRESTE written by Newton Moreno (Brazil) and directed by Elisa Carricajo (Argentina); THE CITY written by Martin Crimp (United Kingdom) and directed by Cristian Drut (Argentina); THE DREAM OF HIPATIA written by Massimo Vincenzi (Italy) and directed by Analía Couceyro; TO THE WORLD written by Joël Pommerat (France) and directed by Natalia Casielles (Argentina); MEDEA DEL OLIMAR written by Mariana Percovich (Uruguay) and directed by Román Podolsky (Argentina);

              THE LEGS TOO SHORT written by Katja Brunner (Switzerland) and directed by Diego Faturos (Argentina); MY SON JUST WALKS A LITTLE SLOWER written by Ivor Martinić (Croatia) and directed by Guillermo Cacace (Argentina); HAMLET IS DEAD WITHOUT THE FORCE OF GRAVITY written by Ewald Palmetshofer (Austria) and directed by Lisandro Rodríguez (Argentina); EVERYDAY LIFE AND ECSTASY written by Rebekka Kricheldorf (Germany) and directed by Mariana Chaud (Argentina); SMOKE written by José María Miró (Spain) and directed by Ana Katz.

              Each edition of the Festival is conceived as a transforming and sustainable space over time. For this reason, the exchange implies that after the premiere during the Festival, each piece will remain on the billboard for a three-month season in different theaters and spaces in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

               Several of the projects commissioned and premiered in the first edition of the Festival have received awards, mentions and participations in other international festivals, a situation that has led many of the productions to be replicated in countries such as Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, among others.

               In its second edition in 2016, the assembly and production of eleven scenic pieces were originally commissioned, and the resulting projects formulated the following collaborations:

               YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE DOG FOR A WALK written by Tomislav Zajec (Croatia) and directed by Matías Sendón (Argentina); HOLYFOOD written by Marek Kochan (Poland) and directed by Ignacio Sánchez Mestre (Argentina), LA FUERZA DE LA IMAGINACIÓN written by Cassio Pires (Brazil) and directed by Cecilia Meijide (Argentina);

               THE TIME I WAS DEAD written by Daniel Mezger (Switzerland) and directed by Agostina López (Argentina); LOS OJOS DE ANA written by Luc Tartar (France) and directed by Paula Marull (Argentina), MISHELLE DI SANT’OLIVA written by Emma Dante (Italy) and directed by Alfredo Staffolani (Argentina); I WILL NOT GIVE CHILDREN I WILL GIVE VERSES written by Marianella Morena (Uruguay) and directed by Francisco Lumerman (Argentina); PIE DE MONTE written by Thmoas Arzt (Austria) and directed by Alberto Ajaka (Argentina); PLASTIC PIECE written by Marius Von Mayenburg (Germany) and directed by Luciano Cáceres (Argentina); THE WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT THE LIFE AND DEATH OF KURT COBAIN written by Peca Stefan (Romania) and directed by Sofía Wilhelmi (Argentina); A MAN WITH PASTA GLASSES written by Jordi Casanovas (Spain) and directed by Silvia Gómez Giusto (Argentina).

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               Each edition of the Festival is conceived as a transforming and sustainable space over time, for this reason the exchange implies that, after the premiere during the Festival, each piece remains throughout a three-month season in different rooms and spaces of the city ​​of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

               In its third edition in 2018, the Festival deepened its work, amplifying its field of work from a transdisciplinary perspective that allowed dialogue with various forms of dramaturgy today.

              Starting from a curatorial project created by Matías Umpierrez and framed by the motto “Emotional states”, creators from different origins of the world collaborated reflecting on the displacements of the body, territory, border, discourse, stage.

              The program was designed from five curatorial projects from which thirteen original projects were commissioned:

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               DRAMATURGY OF PARALLEL WORLDS. In this section, the assembly and production of five pieces for theater were commissioned: EL GATO DE SCHRÖDINGER written by Santiago Sanguinetti (Uruguay) and directed by Pablo Seijo (Argentina); THE GHOST OF NORMALITY written by Saara Turunen (Finland) and directed by Sebastián Kalt (Argentina); TURMA written by Vedrana Klepica (Croatia) and directed by Azul Lombardía (Argentina); LO SALVAJE written by Mariana Silva Yrigoyen (Peru) and directed by Nacho Ciatti (Argentina); ABNEGACIÓN 3 written by Alexandre Dal Farra (Brazil) and directed by Lisandro Rodriguez (Argentina).

              DRAMATURGY FOR A CONFERENCE. For this performance section, based on the premises of the project, an instruction manual was commissioned from the philosopher/activist Paul B. Preciado (Spain-France) and conferences/performances were commissioned from the visual artist Roberto Jacoby (Argentina), the musician Paloma del Cerro (Argentina) and choreographer Juan Onofri Barbato (Argentina).

              DRAMATURGY IN MOTION. Two dance pieces were commissioned for this section, presented in a shared program, which included collaborations between choreographers David Wampach (France) and Luis Biasotto (Argentina), who created the piece YO. AM. HAPPY; and Paula Rosolen (Germany-Argentina) and Leticia Mazur (Argentina), who created the piece AURA (OR UTOPÍA).

              DRAMATURGY OF AN UNKNOWN URBANITY. In this section, two exhibitions and two site-specific interventions were commissioned that were born from the collaborations between Abhishek Majumdar (India), and Sofía Medici and Laura Kalauz (Argentina), who created the HISTORICAL LINE project; and Maya Zbib (Lebanon) and Florencia Rodríguez Giles and Alina Marinelli (Argentina), who created the INANNA METHOD project.

               DRAMATURGY FOR A DECENTRALIZED EXHIBITION. The work of photographer Nacho Iasparra (Argentina) was part of this section, exhibited during the Festival in different physical and virtual media: posters, playbills, social networks and public spaces.